All Healthcare Sales, Marketing, Administrative Representatives initiate and / or enhance your skills & knowledge base in the field of Regenerative Medicine!

Applications in Regenerative Medicine are rapidly being implemented in a variety of medical fields. LEARN MORE NOW and learn how to introduce / enhance / implement the cutting edge field of Regenerative Medicine into your day-to-day skill set. This 1-day course will provide you with the tools/training/education that you will need to stay ahead of the curve.


This course is designed for the “non-physician” healthcare individual(s) interested in the following:

Sales Team Training

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Basic Biology of Regenerative Medicine: What is Regenerative Medicine? Breaking down the science of Regenerative Medicine and it’s applications.
Current Landscape of Regenerative Medicine: What products and technologies are currently being used, and what changes we expect to see in the near future.
Targeting the Physician(s): Who is practicing Regenerative Medicine and how their practice applies or could apply in the future to your day-to-day work environment and/or sales goals.
Narcotics and Their Current Role in Medicine: Staggering statistics and the Role Regenerative Medicine can play to help curb the narcotic epidemic.
Useful Tactics & Techniques: Speak fluently and understand Regenerative Medicine terminology and how learn how it may apply to your current and/or future environment.
Social Media to Target Doctors and/or Patients: Essential tools and techniques in both social media and target marketing that should be implemented for business enhancement.
Meet the Regenerative Medicine Practitioner: Meet a physician that has set up a practice from inception and actively runs a successful business today.
Regulatory & Reimbursement Landscape: Understanding the current landscape and the possibilities for future enhancement of Regenerative Medicine.
Current & Future Products and Their Applications: What you and “your” physicians/clients need to know if they don’t already.
The Future of Regenerative Medicine and How YOU May Make a Difference: REGROW ACT, FDA Involvement, and other ways you may assist in advancing the field of Regenerative Medicine.

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