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In this presentation, Dr. Azza Halim will cover PDO Threads as a positive addition to any Health & Wellness practice. Offering PDO Threads enables a practice to provide additional value; and helps to enhance the overall experience & outcome in the patients we all treat everyday.

Your Game Plan of Tested and Proven Strategies and Tactics For Separating Yourself From Your Competition… And Then Eliminating Them!

This webinar is presented by Dr. Bruce R. Coren, DVM, MS, CEO of TMA-Diowave Laser Systems, Dr. Joseph Costello, DC, DABCO, Chief of Laser Medicine at TMA-Diowave Laser Systems, and pain management specialist Matthew Burks, MD. The presentation discusses the benefits of implementing high power laser therapy, a non-pharmacologic treatment option for pain management. See why more patients are asking for non-invasive treatment options and doctors are adding cash-based modalities to enhance practice revenue. Technological Medical Advancements, LLC (TMA), manufacturers of the Diowave Brand of Therapeutic Laser Systems is recognized as the founders of Class IV high power laser therapy. TMA is a physican-based company that manufactures and sells the Diowave laser brand, the most technology advanced laser therapy systems in the world. TMA markets its laser systems to the human MD-DO, DC, PT, collegiate & professional sports markets, as well as to the VA and DOD systems. TMA also markets to the veterinary arena, both small and large animal, equine, as well as to the private sector. Physicians purchasing Diowave lasers include: Regenerative Medicine Specialists, Primary Care (MD-DO), Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine and Pain Management Specialists, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists, Plastic Surgeons, Veterinarians, Podiatrists, and Chiropractors. Please visit us at to learn more about our cutting edge therapy for neuro-musculoskeletal pain management and wound healing.

With this webinar, learn How to Strategically Implement DEXA into your Practice and create additional revenue that bring Health, Wellness and Vitality to your patients.

Omega 3’s are critical to improve your results with patients and their treatment programs. Most patients cell membrane are built in a manner that triggers inflammation. Learn about the breakthrough technology of “pre-digested” omega-3 oils that increases utilization by 3X! By shifting your cell membrane balance you allow inflammation to be shifted from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory. Join us for a exciting presentation that will change the way you see and use fish oils forever.

Dr. Norowski is the head of product development at Surgenex, a leading manufacturer in injectable amniotic tissue allografts. His talk will explain the science behind various processing techniques for amniotic membrane and as well as other birth tissues. The talk will cover current state-of-the-art research, clinical applications, tissue recovery, tissue processing, aseptic techniques, cryopreservation, Safety and FDA regulations.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) have a promising future in allogeneic and autologous cell therapies but counting these cells is challenging. The NucleoCounter® instruments provide a robust and precise method to effectively determine viability and total cell count of MSC’s derived from different sources e.g. lipoaspirates and bone marrow aspirates. The cell sampling, staining and counting chamber loading can be combined by the unique Via1-Cassette™ into one single step which ensures consistency and robustness between different users. Cell processing GMP facilities benefit from the simple operation and consistent results.

This webinar will discuss the science behind pressure / shockwave and its role in regenerative medicine. Learn how and why it works, clinical success rates, biological effects and treatment indications which treat the root cause of acute and chronic musuloskeletal disorders.

With David Angeloni, CSO and President of Millennium Medical Technologies.

What is SKIPTA? Ted Search Ph.D. will give a brief introduction and overview of SKIPTA in this Webinar. SKIPTA is the leading social network of specialized online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals consisting of over 850K health care providers allowing clinicians the opportunity to connect collaborate and provide a higher level of care to their patients.

Part II of II with Quintin Gunn.

Part I of II with Quintin Gunn.

Body mass index is a technology being currently used in functional medicine to establish different tissue types, characteristics, health, and well-being from non visible (internal) fat to bone densitometry for osteoarthritis osteoporosis. This has been proven to be an important tool to evaluate patients, predict, and track progress of treatments for overall wellness.

This webinar will discuss the role of gut health and its effect on clinical outcomes in the functional medicine setting. Dr. Diane Mueller discusses Intestinal Permeability and how Intestinal Permeability is linked to Autoimmune Disease.

In this presentation Dr David Dubin will cover how Fixing the Brain in addition to Fixing the Body is a positive addition to any Health & Wellness practice. Offering Direct Neurofeedback enables a practice to provide additional value; & helps to enhance the overall experience & outcome in the patients we all treat everyday.

This webinar will discuss the opportunities/advantages and role that patient engagement and education plays in today’s medical practices. The importance of providing information and engaging the patient in their wellness has been proving to create better outcomes and relationships between the healthcare provider and their patients.

You are invited to Boston BioLife Chicago — September 20-23, 2018

This webinar will discuss the biochemistry of Alpha-2-Macroglobulin and its role in orthobiologic applications. Learn about the pioneering biochemistry of A2M for the last 10 years and we’ll discuss the role of biomarkers as well as Anti Metalloproteinases vs. Regeneration vs. Degeneration.

Exosomes are increasingly becoming known as an impactful regenerative medicine therapy. Boston BioLife will explore the fundamental science of exosomes and their clinical applications in medicine in our upcoming webinar with Duncan Ross, Ph.D., Founder of Kimera Labs.

This presentation by Dr. Michael Meng will discuss the practice theory / nuances and skill requirements needed to create quality outcomes when using ultrasound to deliver orthobiologics.

Medical Cannabis and Phytobiologics are rapidly becoming mainstream components of medical treatment strategies. Learn the fundamentals of the Endocanabinoid System(s) and how it relates to neurological wellness. This presentation by Dr. Barry Morrison will cover terminology, nomenclature, molecular mechanisms of interaction, and potential clinical outcomes for a variety medical needs.

During this webinar we will be discussing the relationship between Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. This discussion is intended to create a bridge between the Functional Medicine Environment and that of the Interventional Orthopedic Practices.

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